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Navajo County Jail in Holbrook Arizona

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Navajo County Jail inmates

Navajo County Bail Bond Service to the Holbrook Jail

Navajo County Jail Service

     Navapache Bail Bonds is a full service bail bond company providing bail bonds to the inmates of the Navajo County Jail in Holbrook, Arizona and the Show Low Annex in the White Mountains. We also provide bail bond service to the police jails located throughout Navajo County, including those in Pinetop-Lakeside, Show Low, Winslow and Snowflake.
  • We are your #1 contact to the Holbrook Jail
  • We are Arizona Licensed bail bond agents
  • We accept most major credit cards
  • We can provide 24-hr service
  • We offer flexible collateral requirements
  • We provide free Information and quotes

What we will do for you    

  • We will explore all of your options, helping you get the best value.
  • We will explain to you each step of the bail bond process.
  • We will update you with our progress until we have your friend or loved one out of jail.
  • We will keep the indemnitor informed of all issues relating to the bond until it is exonerated by the Court. 

Bail Bond Service Area


     We serve all of Navajo County including the White Mountains and Indian Reservations.  Towns served include: Holbrook, Winslow, Woodruff, Wagonwheel, Snowflake, Show Low, Pinetop, Lakeside, Taylor, Joseph City, Linden, Heber, Overgaard, and the Navajo County communities located on the Navajo, Apache & Hopi Reservations.

New Mexico:

     Our close proximity to New Mexico means that many of our clients either come from New Mexico or have friends or family that have been incarcerated in a New Mexico Jail.  Our large affiliate network allows us to provide bail bond service anywhere in the United States, including New Mexico.  We have transfer bail bond agents available in San Juan County and Bernalillo County.  If you have friends or family members incarcerated in the San Juan County Jail (Farmington, NM) or Bernalillo County Jail (Albuquerque, NM) let us coordinate their release.  Often, it is easier to use a bail bond agent that is located near your collateral; therefore, Arizona residents should use an Arizona bondsman to facilitate a New Mexico release.

Out of Area Clients

     Many of our clients live in locations outside of Navajo County and need to post bail for a friend or family member without having to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to Holbrook.  Posting bail with Navapache Bail Bonds can be accomplished without leaving the comfort of your home.  Paperwork can be handled via fax or email and bail bonds can be paid using credit cards, bank deposits or by wiring funds.  Our service doesn't end with posting bail, we can also provide transport to bus, motel, or airport for a small fee.  We try our best to ease the burden of this unfortunate experience as much as possible.

Holbrook Courthouse
Navajo County Courthouse, site of the old Holbrook Jail
Navapache Bail Bonds


Office: (928) 779-1999 
Cell:     (928) 853-5852

Holbrook: 165 W. Hopi Dr

We are located in downtown Holbrook, Arizona near the historic Roxy Theater.  We can meet you at our office or at the Navajo County Jail - Navajo County Government Center (100 E Carter Dr, Holbrook, AZ)

Bail Bond Information:
Bail bond information may be obtained by calling the jail or by calling us at (928) 779-1999

Apache County Jails: 
    Saint Johns Jail....(928) 337-4321
Coconino County Jails: 
    Flagstaff Jail........(928) 226-5245
    Page Jail.............(928) 645-6952
    Williams Jail........(928) 635-4461
Navajo County Jails:
    Holbrook Jail........(928) 524-4300
Maricopa County Jails:
    Phoenix Jails.......(602) 876-0322
Yavapai County Jails:
    Camp Verde Jail..(928) 567-7734
    Prescott Jail........(928) 771-3286

Drug busts in Navajo County and on interstate 40
Holbrook Jail and Navajo County police records Apache Basket - navapachebailbonds.com Pinetop-Lakeside Court and the Show Low Justice Court are in the White Mountains of Arizona
Snowflake Justice Court is about 20 miles from the Navajo County Jail

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Navapache Bail Bonds provides free jail information

If we can't bail you out, no one can!

Navajo & Apache County Police Reports and Arrests

Winslow Justice Court, Justice of the Peace Kolomitz
We cater to the Navajo Nation by providing flexible collateral requirements

Navajo County Courts

Navajo County Superior Court

Governmental Center
100 E Carter
Holbrook, AZ 86025
Phone: 928-524-4217

Navajo County Justice Courts
Holbrook Justice Court
121 W. Buffalo
Holbrook, AZ 86025
Phone: (928) 524-4720
Fax:      (928) 524-4725

Kayenta Justice Court
1.8 mi E/O U.S. Hwy 163 & Jct 160
at MP 394.3
Phone: (928) 697-3522
Fax:      (928) 697-3528

Pinetop-Lakeside Justice Court
1360 N. Niels Hansen
Lakeside, AZ 85929
Phone: (928) 368-6200
Fax:      (928) 368-8674

Snowflake Justice Court
145 S. Main Street #D
Snowflake, AZ 85937
Phone: (928) 536-4141
Fax:      (928) 536-3511

Show Low Justice Court

561 E. Deuce of Clubs
Show Low, AZ 85902
Phone: (928) 532-6030
Fax:      (928) 532-6035

Winslow Justice Court
605 E. 3rd Street
Winslow, AZ 86047
Phone: (928) 289-6840
Fax:      (928) 289-6847
Navajo County Sheriff

Navajo County Headquarters
Holbrook, AZ 86025
(928) 524-4450
Heber Substation
Overgaard, AZ 85933
(928) 535-4616

Pinetop Substation
Pinetop, AZ 85935
(928) 367-3729

Snowflake Substation
Snowflake, AZ 85937
(928) 536-7328

Winslow Substation
Winslow, AZ 86047
(928) 289-6851
Navajo County Jail
Holbrook Jail
100 E Carter Dr
Holbrook, AZ 86025
(928) 524-4300

Navajo County City Courts

Pinetop-Lakeside Magistrate Court
1360 N. Niels Hansen Lane
Lakeside, AZ 85929
(928) 368-8696 

Show Low Magistrate Court
620 East McNeil
Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 532-6030
Navajo County Police

Holbrook Police
120 E Buffalo
Holbrook, AZ 86025
(928) 524-3991

Kayenta Police
US Hwy 163 
(928) 697-5600

Pinetop- Lakeside Police
1360 N. Hansen Lane
Lakeside, AZ 85929
(928) 368-8803

Show Low Police
150 N 6th Street
Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 537-5091

Snowflake-Taylor Police
602 S. Main
Snowflake, Arizona 85937
(928) 536-7688

Winslow Police
115 East Second Street
Winslow, Arizona 86047
(928) 289-2431

Arizona Department of Public Safety

2411 East Navajo Boulevard
Holbrook, AZ 86025
Phone: 928-524-6177
Fax: 928-524-1777
Arizona DPS website

Office: (928) 779-1999                                                 Fax: (928) 522-0152
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